Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad

SASMO is devoted and dedicated to bringing a love for Mathematics to students.  Unlike most Math Olympiad Competitions, SASMO caters not only to students in the top 5% but to the top 40% instead. It aims to arouse students’ interest and enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving, develop mathematical intuition, reasoning and logical thinking, as well as creative and critical thinking. In addition, this can help improve the students’ math grades because they can apply problem-solving strategies learnt during the training to their daily school mathematics. 



                     School Candidates:  6th April 2016 (Wednesday). 

                     Individual Candidates: 9th April 2016 (Saturday).

Other Countries

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School Sign-ups

The Contest will be held in your school and no travelling is required.  The entry fee is $20 per pupil for school sign-up.

All participating students and teacher in charge will get SASMO 2015 book.  It is filled with tips and the 2015 contest to help them prepare for SASMO 2016.

Contest papers will be sent to your school 3 days before the contest date.  After the contest, we will collect the papers from your school.

Private Candidates Sign-up

The Contest will be held  at our SASMO Math Olympiad Centres. The entry fee is $30 per pupil. All participating students will get SASMO 2015 book.  It is filled with tips and the 2015 contest to help them prepare for SASMO 2016.



Contests are taken in the participating school or at our SASMO Math Olympiad Centres.

Every level (Primary 2 to Secondary 4) has a differentiated contest.  Calculators are not permitted.

The contest papers consist of 25 question:

Section A – 15 Multiple Choice Questions

(2 points for correct answer, 0 points for unanswered question, penalty point (deduct 1 point) for wrong answer)

Section B – 10 Open-ended Questions

(4 points for correct answer, No penalty point for wrong answer)

When a problem introduces a more advanced concept, all necessary definitions are included.

Total 85 points. To avoid negative scores, each student begins with 15 points.



        i. INDIVIDUAL

Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation or an award certificate for winners below.

Participants who score FULL points receive a Perfect Score Award and a $100 cash  (limited to $5000, in the rare event where there are more than 50 Perfect scorers, the $5000 will be divided among all the Perfect scorers)

Each of the top 40% of all participants receives a Gold, Silver or Bronze awards.  All winners will be eligible for selection  to compete in the Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) 2016 to be held in Singapore around of beginning of August 2016 .  Optional workshops will be offered to prepare winners for this high level competition.

       ii. Teams:

There is a team competition for each level, where the top 3 or more schools receive a trophy (given to top 10% of schools participating) based on the total score of the top 10 students from each level.  Only teams from schools qualify for the team awards. The team score is the sum of the ten highest individual scores, so there is no need for the schools to separate students into teams.

The high scorer of each team receives a Top Team Scorer certificate.